Custom Shop Fitting Manufacturer

As a leading Australia based commercial space designer and builder, we work with an extensive range of clients to create projects across various industry sectors. This includes retail, hospitality, workplace and residential, with projects of all scales.


Want custom shop fitting?

    Over 1,000,000 sqft factory tour

    Metal Workshop

    Millwork Workshop

    Logo & Signage Workshop

    Automatic Metal Painting Line

    Millwork Painting Line

    Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control

    Assembly Workshop

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    Our Services

    With more than 10 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing custom store display fittings for world-class retail brands, we enhance the consumer shopping experience all to drive sales for you.

    Estimation & Design

    Our expertise work closely with you as the customer to fully capture your vision for custom retail fixtures, store displays, space furnitures, decoration, etc.

    Planning & Engineering

    From prototyping to engineering, we plan your store’s retail display fittings in full collaboration with you to create the interior environments you want.

    On-site Manufacturing

    Our team combine technology and craftsmanship to build your custom shop fitting and displays to your exact specifications in our 1,100,000 sq. ft. production facility.

    Shipping & Installation

    With our manufacturing facility located in Guangzhou and near all major routes and seaports, we can easily deliver and install retail display on time and on budget.

    More than 300 Projects finished per year

    300+ commercial space interior design projects finished per year, including retail, hospitality, workplace and
    residential, with projects of all scales.

    Coffee Shop

    Pop up Store


    Jewelry Store

    Boutique Store

    Cloth Shop

    Beauty Salon

    Electrical Shop

    Cosmetic Shop

    Our Product Catelog

    We offer full service in-house shop fitting and display furniture manufacturing capabilities, including all common retail shopfitting types, like slatwall, gridwall, wire, pegboard, etc. We are specialized in producing retail shop display fittings, like boutique store, clothing store, jewelry store, convenience store, pharmacy store, grocery store, liquor store, beauty supply store, candy store, department store, hardware store, bookstore, etc.

    Wall Display Shelves

    Wall Display Rack

    Floorstanding Rack

    Retail Kiosk/Pop-Up

    Sales Counter/Display Case/Cabinet

    Cashier Desk

    Display Stand