Borgioli Men's Boutique Store Project

The big concern is Borgioli never buy online, he worries every part from design to produce to pack to final installation, after all it’s their first store to remodel with new retail brand shop image. That’s why we built the trust of each other from greetings, relevant projects sharing and factory capacity with most of the year.

Then we proceeded the design step, their exact prefer color tone gave us a great support to confirm the design direction: glossy black plus fixtures gold frame. Considering that the client operates various fashion and luxury goods, we chose glossy black lacquered MDF, natural marble as countertop, gold brushed stainless steel as frame and decorative part; meanwhile, we designed various fixture structure, such as gold hanging frame and gold floor column stand as window display, modular adjustable shelf, bar and hook for jackets, trousers and bags. And in line with the brand positioning, we divided a waiting area for customers to enhance their shopping experience. The 3D interior design deeply attracts customers to move on.
While, it’s the serious matter of budget tightly followed the confidence and design issues. The total amount is above their budget, we changed the structure, surface coating to control the cost within the budget, while not sacrificing the design appearance; such as we changed the surface processing of the shoes wall display by marble texture paper sticker instead of the original laminate design.

The client checked and confirmed the 3D design, colour samples face to face with us, inspected the bulk fixtures and supervised the whole container loading. They shared the final retail store photos with us before the grand opening and told us that the detailed quality of the furniture met and exceeded their expectations.

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