Pera Luggage Shop Project

Pera Luggage is a Melbourne based retailer of luggage, backpacks and handbags established in 2010. Pera currently operates 20 luggage stores under the Pera Luggage and G Bags banners.
Background / Solutions for customers:
Pera is opening new stores in key locations across Australia and plans to update and improve the image and decoration of its retail stores. Then we cooperate and offer the modern fashion retail store new design as below:
1 Space design element: Considering the core idea of Pera brand, we chose the premium grey as the basic space decoration color, while the main of custom store fixtures choose the fresh gold color to match the brand blue, meanwhile the podium stands use white and different grey color to enhance the space sense of the whole store display. And the brand logo is integrated into the store design, such as engraved into wooden display stand, LED scroll screen and lighting box. We try to help shape and deliver the brand core culture through professional custom retail handbag store interior design and display furniture.
2 Practical Wall Display Cabinet: Due to the various size of merchandise, such as large travel luggage, exquisite fashion handbag, we produce the wall cabinet with adjustable tempered glass shelves, which are made by electroplated gold steel frame, while the LED strips underneath illuminate the displayed products. Look, the back panel is made of marble texture laminate, more durable and meet the strict fire protection requirements in shopping centres.
3 Eye-catching Window Display: Our designer deeply understand the core function of window display in shopping mall, then he designed the special display shelf to increase the window buyers from window shoppers. The large round window display is made of golden stainless steel frame and blue painted MDF, the special shelf can highlight the handbag and cross bag with LED lighting underneath.
Now the goods have been delivered and more new stores are being designed. Let’s wait for the final photos of the physical stores opening.
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