Casemonkey Phone Accessories Shop Project

Casemonkey, a fast growing retailer in Australia, born in 2010 and so far they own 20 stores in Australia.
Cooperation background / Solutions for clients: 
In 2017, Arcular participated in EuroShop Dusseldorf German and met this customer at the booth, they were attracted by our wall display for phone cases.
In a short conversation, we realised that they were looking for a trustworthy supplier for store design and joinery production, as they didn’t like the joinery produced locally in Sydney. 
The details are not good, the client showed us photos of the joinery, there are obvious welding spots on the metalwork and glue marks on the surface of the display cases.  
Indeed, there is a case for paying more attention to detail.
Back to our production process, the metal joint where there are welding spots, we use TIG welding with the specialised machine, sanding and polishing the welding spots on all visible surfaces before going to the next process.
Glass showcases with a 45° mitre joint corner process, it makes the joint smoother and looks high end, completely eradicate the glue mark on the corner.

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