Stay Classy

Stay Classy Scooter Store Project

The owner of Stay Classy, Mr Adam, posted some comments on our official Pinterest, the photos that Mr Adam liked were the Segway and scooter store design.
Mr Adam sent us the floor plan after we got in touch with him, it was a 150 sqm street shop in the city centre. He wanted it to be analogue with more lighting elements, especially for the ceiling.
Mr Jason, the head of the design team, is proficient in all types of 3D software and is also an experienced lighting engineer in retail visual merchandising. Mr Jason is well qualified for the job.
The design motif is modern and high-tech, 2-ply MDF in white colour, matched with dazzling blue colour inside the cabinet and on the ceiling. Simple but practical design for furnishing. The highlight is that we build an intact lighting system by creating the LED lighting bar, circular lighting boxes and display screen on the ceiling.
Mr Adam is quite happy with the design, but is concerned about customs clearance and installation on site as there is too much lighting.
All the LED lighting and lighting boxes we provide come with certifications such as CE, UL, GS and etc, we offer different certifications for different markets accordingly. It’s a permit for customs clearance and local policy from the shopping mall or relevant departments in the retail field.

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