Footies POP Socks Rack Project

Footies focus on high quality fashion socks, underwear, home apparel collection brand store!
Background of cooperation / Solutions for customers:
Pop Puttee is a brand collection store for fashion socks, underwear, home apparel brands from around the world. So the new design of the retail store is simple and clean:
1 Selected colour: As a brand collection retail shop, the whole shop retail space basic colour is the core issue. This design chooses classic wood and white colour element to create a natural and friendly shopping experience, while it can better highlight the various colourful products. The grey ceiling creates a sense of luxury.
2 Decorative Column-Clad Furniture: With full consideration of the central supporting column, we subtly integrated the retail store fixtures with cladding function to unify the whole interior space of the store, enhancing the aesthetic value while reducing the industrial feeling. The LED lighting underneath highlights the footwear models displayed on the 4-sided white wall display shelf.
3 Adjustable hanging bar: due to the different package size for retail socks, the wall display case and floor stand gondola use adjustable metal column component, which allows customers to freely adjust the hanging bar distance for different package length.
4 Practical functional wall display: all the wall display cabinet are practical and functional, the top header are soft film lighting box, and each shelf with LED lighting to highlight each merchandise, and bottom part is a large storage to stock more items, not only reduce the limited storage space pressure, but also is more convenient for shop assistants to check and take the stocked items, quite useful structure design.
Look, the final physical retail photos showed the shop was definitely decorated as the original retail space design, amazing is the feedback from our customers. If you’re interested, please contact us now for more information about your current project.

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