Bras N Things

Bras N Things Lingerie Shop Project

Bras N Things store is one of our turnkey projects in Sydney, we do the store design, shop front design, layout planning, joinery production, changing room, installation on site, decoration, also the custom ceiling chandelier, display props, mannequin, everything in the store.
In general, it’s a heavy workload project.
1. There is only 40mm gap between the ceiling and the top of the wall cabinet, our Australian installation team is in charge of the on-site measurement, and the measurement must be accurate, especially the one after decoration. The same question for the joinery, we have to check the tiny tolerance for all the wall cupboards with glides.
2. check the wooden cabinet, gondola or cashier’s desk, you will see a large number of European-style joinery, it requires to be made by skilled carpenters who have rich experience, pure handmade, it also takes a lot of time.
3. The project schedule management. As it’s a one-stop service, we handle everything in the shop, we coordinated with suppliers of custom chandelier, oversized mannequin, fabric curtain for changing room, ceiling lighting and etc, and hand over in specified time frame and technical details.
We completed the shop and handed over the keys in 50 days, the overall effect looks great. Shop image has improved and sales are getting better and better.

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