Daley Medical Store Project

The client was attracted by our custom pharmacy furniture shown in the official website. After detailed discussion, we know the update design guideline is to create a welcoming and comfortable retail space with a sense of openness.
So we mainly enhanced the pharmacy retail brand image through the following points:
1 Colour match: As a medical street shop, the whole interior decoration is the core issue. Our designer selected the classic wooden colour element to match the pure white to create a natural and friendly shopping experience, with the white ceiling and large light grey tile floor;
2 Functional column cladding: Taking into account the many supporting columns, we have subtly integrated the store fixtures with cladding function to unify the whole store interior space, enhancing the aesthetic value while reducing the industrial feel. The custom-made pharmacy shelves cover the inner column, while the slatwall furniture are used to display the small items with single hooks, highly efficiently strengthen the space utilization;
3 Wooden divider fixture: we designed a wooden textured fence structure in the entrance of the shop with punched holes, which allow customers to freely install or adjust the glass or wooden shelf, while acting as a divider to divide the interior space;
4 Cash counter sneeze guard: we observe the current retail status, then add the clear acrylic cash counter shield to protect consumers and cashiers, which is just a tiny detail point, but reveal our professionalism and attentive service to help client;
5 Assembled items: most of the display racks were assembled and equipped on delivery, saving the customer a lot of installation costs on site. They simply unpacked and placed each item fully as the designed shop layout.
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