Classique Ladies' Boutique Store Project

Jezza wanted to update their store brand image with a limited budget, actually it is a universal thought for retail store owners. We cannot always ask the client to increase the budget, but to find a balance between good design and the final retail image.
After deep communication, we found that Jezza bought the fixtures for their previous stores locally and didn’t have a unified and exact store design to improve the shopping experience for their consumers, meanwhile the layout of furniture is chaotic and disorganized.
So we proposed our ideas to upgrade Jezza and optimise the structure and function of the fixtures:
1. choice of colour tone: black and white, which better display the colourful goods,
2. main frame in metal: we made the wall display racks without backboard to reduce the cost, while freely adjustable rails and shelves function suit for various different size goods, which allows customers to adjust randomly,
3. divide the area by products: such as clothing area, shoes and bags area,
4. enhance shopping experience: highlight the trendy new products by large light box, place sofa and mirror in proper area.

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