VPro Ice Hockey Store Project

VPro is our intimate partner in retail store interior design and fixture production, they always pursue a strong sense of technology and linear, and definitely cool texture in their stores; meanwhile, they choose different colour light strips to distinguish their various product items.
Considering the exact product, we choose the overall black, white and grey as the store colour theme to create a unified design style and ice-cold high-grade space atmosphere. The clothing, helmet and glove display cabinet integrates the stainless steel beveled edge elements to have a more high-grade metallic sense, while the cool backlight better relieve the display show of products. The shoe rack is simple and stylish, using different coloured light strips to distinguish different ranges of merchandise; and the shoe holder uses a white acrylic to mimic the ice scene, making the shoe appear to step on the ice. The midfield sofa is integrated into the display, with simple lines alternating and parallel steps creating a simple and generous space, while the experience area allows customers to see the full display of products in reality to increase their desire to buy.
Our design owns functionality allows to adjust the components to display various hockey merchandise, has commerciality to display deeply the characteristics of the goods, moreover it’s easy to mass produce with a combination, variety, to meet customer display needs.

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