Gjergji H Tekstil

Gjergji H Tekstil Supermarket Project

This client was given our contact details by one of our regular customers who was in the local supermarket area.
Firstly, the wall display system needed to change, it was a refurbishment store project, the existing store had a lot of slatwall on the wall which looked stiff with no highlights.
Secondly, there are many different types of homeware on sale, there were no clear sections for each item in the existing store, in the new layout design we need to think more about this to make it more convenient for consumers to find what they need.
The design was made in blue and yellow colour and wood veneer. The slatwall panels were replaced by wall to wall cabinets, and all the shelving was made in white colour to make it easier for consumers to see and to highlight the merchandise.
As part of our inspection process, we carry out pre-installation in-house before delivery, only with this final inspection can we find and resolve any problems that may arise when customers assemble the store fixtures. We solve all problems before handing over the goods to the customer.

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