Doffay Pharmacy Store Project

We have worked with Doffay Pharmacy on more than 10 stores over the past few years.
As a pharmacy brand in South Africa, Doffay Pharmacy sells high quality pharmaceuticals, but sales are unsatisfactory because the shop decoration is out of fashion.
The design of pharmacy furniture must meet the highest quality standards. It should allow for proper storage, display and dispensing of medicines. Well-designed pharmacy furniture should be both functional and aesthetic. At the same time, it should be flexible enough to accommodate the most demanding design concepts. Achieving this requires a high level of creativity and design expertise.
Pharmacy ceiling design is an often neglected part of pharmacy interior design. But not with us. Ceiling design and installation is an integral part of our pharmacy fit-out services. We believe that the ceiling can be so much more than just a cover to hide ducts, pipes and vents. A well chosen and installed ceiling can give your pharmacy a unique feel. It visually separates the different areas of your pharmacy and highlights the most important parts of your pharmacy. With the right design, it can become one of the most beautiful elements of your pharmacy.

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