Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Optical Store Project

The client told us about the problems they were facing: Firstly, the layout was inappropriate, with too many display fixtures in the wrong place, blocking the view.
Secondly, the original colour gave an oppressive feeling.
The most important factor for BEO Optical is to create a new store image with new layout planning and store fixture design, including the optician’s work area, with the ultimate aim of creating a shopping experience for consumers.
Different from the old brand image, the new store fixtures will be made of veneered MDF with varnish on the surface, which creates a feeling of natural, comfortable, environmentally friendly and professional.
In addition, to match the natural wood feel, we use our new surface finish, the wood veneer has been transferred to the surface of metal components, it doesn’t fade easily after being cured at high temperature, high stability and looks natural like solid wood.
We help customers improve their brand image and save costs in store development.

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